Biscottificio Antonio Mattei cantuccini are an indulgent treat with a glass of Vin Santo – a Tuscan dessert wine. Cantuccini are traditionally Tuscan. They are usually made with almonds, but they also are made with rich dark chocolate. Enjoy the chocolate cantuccini with a cup of espresso/coffee and imagine yourself in the Italian countryside. They also make a lovely gift.
Antonio Mattei was a baker and pastry cook from Prato in Tuscany. He started the Antonio Mattei Biscottificio, or biscuit factory, in 1858. Though his family didn’t continue the business, one of his apprentices shared Antonio’s passion for baking. This was Ernesto Pandolfini, and the Pandolfini family still own the biscottificio today. Using Antonio’s original recipes and Ernesto’s notes, they have perfected the Tuscan cantuccini.