Casarecci di Calabria pasta kit – Cacio e Pepe, makes an excellent gift. It consists of 250g of pasta, 90g of cacio & pepe sauce and a wooden fork. Cacio e Pepe is a traditional Roman pasta sauce made simply from seasoned Pecorino cheese and black pepper. Typical of the Roman ‘Cucina Povera’, cacio e pepe was a staple dish traditionally eaten by shepherds who would take a piece of cheese, some pepper and some dried pasta into the fields whilst out herding for days. It was an easy and complete energy-giving meal for them to prepare. Typically eaten with Spaghetti or Linguine this is one of the most famous Roman pasta dishes along with Carbonara.

The southern producers ‘Casarecci di Calabria’ is loved both the taste of their superior quality products and their great packaging. This family firm, established in 1998 is located in the Sila Mountains. Like many of our producers Casarecci di Calabria use old fashioned recipes to create old fashioned products. Their entire range is produced without adding any preservatives or colours.