The history of Davide Barbero Torrone goes back seven generations to 1838, when Filippo Barbero became the baker of a church in Asti.  At the time, being a baker required not only the ability to produce bread and pastries, but torrone candies called noasetti.  Today, the Barbero brand is considered one of the finest brands of torrone in all of Italy.
Emphasizing prime, local ingredients where possible, Barbero holds true to traditional recipes.  Depending on the flavor variety, you’ll find Pizzute almonds, lemon honey from Sorrento, Bronte pistachios, and real Madagascar vanilla.  They are naturally gluten free. Traditionally gifted and consumed during festive times, they make great stocking-stuffers and after dinner treats. Enjoy as it is, paired with a fruity glass of Italian red wine or a robust malty beer.