This is the latest innovation of the Acetaia Reale Balsamic Vinegar farm – a sweet-and-sour white balsamic vinegar condiment, refined and delicate, renowned for its sweet touch. It is produced using White Grape Must, acetified and aged in oak barrels. The must is pressure-cooked to prevent it from browning before it’s aged for a short time. The result is a golden-hued vinegar that tastes like a gentler version of syrupy balsamic

Antica Acetaia Reale is an old vinegar house located in Magreta, a 19th century village near Modena. This is where the prestigious range of Balsamic Vinegars are produced following all the rules of a century old tradition – hand picked harvesting and selection of the finest Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes from September to October, precise slow and soft pressing, slowly cooked and matured in wooden barrels of either oak, cherry, ash, chestnut, mulberry or juniper, skilfully poured and then aged for that distinctive and award-winning balance of flavours and aromas.