Anchovy Fillets In Olive Oil

Armatore only select the largest anchovies to become exquisite anchovy fillets in oil. Caught during the spring in the pristine waters of the Amalfi Coast, these anchovies undergo a traditional process, passed down through generations, which contributes to their gastronomic excellence. Maturation occurs in “terzigni,” chestnut barrels, for a minimum of 8 months. Once matured, the anchovies are carefully cleaned, de-boned, and preserved in high-quality olive oil, enhancing their shelf life without compromising their exceptional flavour and quality.

These anchovy fillets in olive oil are a perfect choice for creating delectable appetisers, adding a flavorful touch to bruschetta, or as a delightful dressing for salads and pasta dishes.

A note about Armatore’s fishing practices:

Committed to sustainable fishing practices, Armatore prioritises the well-being of the seas by implementing a range of measures to protect habitats, biodiversity, and the long-term vitality of targeted species.

Armatore employs selective fishing techniques and responsibly sources from non-overfished stocks, supporting fishing communities and providing environmentally conscious consumers with sustainable products. Additionally, the company utilises sustainable processing tools and eco-friendly, recyclable packaging, further contributing to the preservation of the environment.



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