Pane Carasau

This wafer-thin traditional Sardinian flatbread is light and crispy. Also known as Music Paper bread or Pane Carasatu, it was originally produced for shepherds to take with them when they stayed away from home for months at a time. It can last up to a year if kept dry.

It is made following the ancient recipe using baked flat bread which is separated into two sheets and then baked again. Ideal for picnics and just for snacking on, this bread can be eaten wet or dry, hot or cold. It’s also an important ingredient in many Sardinian recipes.

Music Paper bread goes really well with cheese and antipasti, or very simply dipped into a good extra virgin olive oil accompanied by a glass of wine! You can use it to make lasagna or warm it in the oven topped with a tomato/vegetable sauce of your choice.


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