Callipo Tropea IGP Red Onion Spread

Indulge in the rich and flavourful Callipo Red Onion Compote, carefully crafted using the finest red onions sourced from Tropea, Calabria. These onions are known for their exceptional sweetness and high digestibility, making them the perfect ingredient for creating a delectable compote.

It offers a unique blend of sweet and savoury flavours that will tantalise your taste buds. The natural sweetness of the onions shines through, creating a delightful balance with their mild tanginess. A versatile accompaniment that can enhance a variety of dishes.

Spread it on freshly baked bread or crackers for a delicious appetiser, or pair it with your favourite cheeses to create a delightful cheese board that combines the creaminess of cheese with the sweetness of the compote. It also makes a delightful addition to sandwiches, adding an extra level of taste to your fillings, or as a condiment to elevate grilled meats and roasted vegetables.


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