Caponatina, so named for the small container in which it is packaged, is a caponata whose main ingredients come from native Sicilian cultivars such as: – Aubergine: Violetta di Palermo, – Pomodoro: Primaticcio Rosso di Palermo, – Olive: Nocellara del Belice, – Capers of Pantelleria, – Nocellara del Belice extra virgin olive oil. The small cut of vegetables makes it even tastier. From 1916, this caponatina has been made from fried aubergines in a fine blend of olive oil, sunflower oil and seasoned with a tomato sauce, chopped celery, sautéed onion, sugar, pitted olives, vinegar, capers, salt. Spread it onto bread, use it as a dip, add it to a thick tomato sauce or top it onto meat or fish!



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