Caputo 00 Cuoco flour

Caputo ‘Cuoco’ Chef is a strong ‘00’ pizza flour that has a very high protein level and is ideal for making pizza and specialty breads. For generations Caputo has been a leading choice among the best pizza makers in Naples, the birthplace of pizza and its signature Neapolitan style. Now for those who pursue the highest quality ingredients for superior pizza crust, Caputo has created Caputo “Cuoco” Chef, Pizzeria Flour. This signature product, demanded by the maestri pizzaioli all over the world and recognized by the leading Neapolitan pizza certification associations. “Cuoco” Chef, Pizzeria Flour is ideal for classic Neapolitan Pizza in a wood fired, gas or electric oven. It produces a very soft and flavorful crust with optimal hydration. The high quality protein and gluten result in a consistent long-rise dough.


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