Fabbri Panettone In Round Tin

Fabbri’s classic panettone is baked in Milan using a recipe that dates back to the early 19th century. Presented in a beautiful decorative tin, it’s the perfect festive gift for Italian food lovers.

The panettone is light and buttery but the star of the show is the Amarena cherries that have been added to the dough. These small, dark cherries grow wild in Bologna and Modena and they have a wonderful sweet-sour flavour. Their tangy cherry flavour cuts through the richness of the brioche-like panettone to create a mouth-watering Italian dessert.

Serve thick slices of this cherry-studded panettone with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream. It’s particularly delicious after dinner with coffee and sweet dessert wine.

The Amarena is a variety of sour cherry that was developed by Gennaro Fabbri in 1869. His wife, Rachele, slowly cooked the cherries and semi-candied them. Gennaro liked them so much, that he bought a white-and-blue ceramic jar to thank her. Rachele then had the idea to sell the cherry syrup in the decorative jars, and in 1905 the Fabbri company was born.



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