Fiasconaro Dolce & Gabbana Pistachio Panettone with Pistachio Cream

The fiasconaro Dolce & Gabbana pistachio panettone with pistachio cream comes in a stunning dark green or red illustrated tin.Its a wonderful present for family and friends or a treat for yourself.

Each sourdough cake is wrapped with ribbon and presented in a vibrant hat box-style tin. The tin also includes a small golden panettone knife, for spreading your pistachio cream.

The panettone is coated with a white chocolate glaze, and decorated with whole Sicilian pistachios. And inside the tin you’ll find rich pistachio cream, perfect for layering over your cake and serving with a morning espresso.

Domenico Dolce is originally from Polizzi Generosa in Palermo, Sicily, so the designer jumped at the chance to celebrate his home country with bespoke designs for Fiasconaro.


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