Filippi Lemon & White Chocolate Panettone

Delicate and sweetly contrasted taste for Filippi Lemon and White Chocolate Panettone.

Naturally leavened baked confectionery product with white chocolate, lemon zest without raisins.

A panettone whose nature can already be understood from the packaging (made with eco-sustainable and recycled materials): pleasantly velvety to the touch, of a lemon yellow colour. THIS IS THE NATURE OF THIS SPECIAL FILIPPI, WITH A DELICATE BOUQUET, IN WHICH THE UNIQUE FLAVOR OF WHITE CHOCOLATE WITH THE SLIGHTLY SACRED FLAVOR OF CANDIED LEMON PEEL CUBES COMBINE WITH ELEGANCE AND BALANCE.

Since the Filippi company was founded in 1972, its production has always been oriented towards the authenticity of ingredients and tradition. Over time, various ways have been found to make work in the pastry shop more fun and useful, one of these is to experiment with new recipes, from the most daring to the most delicate!




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