Muzzi Tiramisù Panettone

Muzzi’s Tiramisu Cream panettone combines two Italian classic sweet desserts in one! The buttery texture of this traditional panettone cake is flavoured with rich bittersweet coffee. Filled with light cream, a bite of this panettone tastes like an indulgent Tiramisu.

Muzzi only use the finest ingredients to make their panettones – the freshed eggs and richest butter, milk and sugar. Slow-leavend for the lightest buttery texture, each Panettone is made using a carefully perfected recipe. 

Beautifully packaged in Muzzi’s famous Animalier collection print, this makes a stunning festive gift. A slice is perfect for an alternative Christmas dessert or afternoon treat. If you have any leftovers (we doubt it!), soak strips of the cake in sweetened espresso coffee and make the beloved Italian dessert itself! 


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