Morellino Di Scansano Ghiaccio Forte

Morellino di Scansano

Sangiovese 85% and other variety 15%
Ruby red color with light garnet red shadows.

The red fruit stands out clearly on the nose just before being ripe. Then among the flowers the red rose petals. Some stretches of the forest, such as moss, bark and dry leaves. Spices include black pepper and juniper berries, which always originate from the woods. Excellent olfactory prospect for a base wine, which is not so basic.

On the palate it has a faithful ally in the tannic texture, and together with a good acidity they make the hardness pleasantly conspicuous. The creaminess expressed by the softness is excellent, so as to be a wine that is balanced and in harmony as a whole. The finish is persistent with returns of green tea and cherry.


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