Muzzi Pistachio Filled and Chocolate Topped Colomba

Filled with smooth Sicilian pistachio cream and topped with rich, dark chocolate, this feather light cake has a nutty, sweet flavour. Enjoy an afternoon slice with a freshly-brewed coffee, or top with pistachio cream for the ultimate pistachio-lover’s treat! 

Part of Muzzi’s Animalier Collection, this cake comes wrapped in an emerald green pattern adorned with colourful animal illustrations. Finished with a gold ribbon, it is beautifully pre-packaged and ready to gift. 

Colomba di Pasqua, or ‘Easter Doves’, are traditional dove-shaped Italian Easter cakes. Aslow-leavened cake, they are made with yeast and enriched with butter and eggs (much like panettone), and finished with icing and chocolate. These stunning cakes are beautifully light yet indulgent centre-piece to enjoy at Easter. 


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