Puglian Extra Virgin Olive Oil In Amphora Bottle

This Puglian extra virgin olive oil in an Amphora bottle contains Galantino’s finest frutatto medio oil, which is produced from one of Italy’s oldest olive growing regions. This olive oil is rich and smooth with fragrant and bold flavour, and comes in a stunning ceramic bottle hand-painted with the green olive groves the oil is produced from. It is a stunning piece of art for your kitchen, and makes a wonderful gift to treasure long after the last drop is finished. 

World-renowned for a premium-quality olive crop with a unique flavour, this oil is smooth and fruity with a lingering peppery kick. Galantino cold-press their oils using traditional methods that have been passed down through generations. 

This classic olive oil works beautifully for cooking and finishing. Drizzle over Mediterranean vegetables before roasting in the oven, or as a base to marinade meat and fish before grilling. Use to finish a caprese salad or combine with balsamic for a simple vinaigrette. 



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