Puglian Extra Virgin Olive Oil In Burgundy Splatter Ceramic Bottle

This extra virgin olive oil in a hand painted burgundy splatter ceramic bottle is from one of Italy’s oldest olive-growing regions, and doubles up as a piece of art for your kitchen. The combination of a Galantino ribbon, red wax seal, and claret-coloured splatter effect makes for a particularly stylish gift for wine lovers.

The olive oil is cold-pressed on traditional stone mills by the Galantino family, who have been producing oil for nearly a century. The oil has a medium-fruity flavour, with aromas of artichokes and green herbs. It has warming peppery afternotes, and a lingering hint of almond. Use in seafood dishes, or in light, summery salads. Ideal for foccacia-making or olive oil and Vin Santo cake-baking. Lovingly decorated by hand, each bottle is unique with its own character.



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