Rummo Zite

Rummo Zite pasta are long tubes which you normally have to break into pieces to cook.  This pasta shape was traditionally cooked for wedding breakfasts. The surface of the bronze-die extruded durum wheat, zite pasta will cling to your meat or fish sauce. Zite is also excellent with roasted aubergines and plenty or provolone or pecorino cheese.
Rummo pasta has been produced since 1846, making the company older than unified Italy itself! The pasta has a 14.5% protein count, much higher than other pastas, this means the pasta holds its shape and texture after cooking, whilst the bronze die casting of the pasta gives it a rougher exterior which carries the flavour of sauces better. Rummo’s slow processing approach to pasta means that unlike generic rapidly produced pasta, Rummo pasta is a delicate and authentically Italian base to many meals.


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