Salame Mantovano

Salame Mantovano with garlic is only made with selected pork. The meat is minced with pepper but mainly with garlic, which gives it a more intense and stronger taste, a unique, inviting smell. The minced meat is put into natural gut, which preserves the meat, and this is then followed by maturation of about 3-6 months.
Remove the string before cutting it and clean the surface of mould (a sign that the product is healthy),remove the skin and slice at the time it will be used. Once open, keep in the frideg.
HOW TO USE IT: Excellent with homemade bread and wine or accompanied by other cold meat. It’s inviting served diced during aperitifs.
INGREDIENTS: fresh pork meat of italian origin, salt, dextrose, flavorings, spices Preservative: E 252, E 250 Antioxidant: E 301


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